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This machine is designed for the winding of raw fabrics, controlled by industrial lighting. A smooth winding is achieved by continuous edge control. Thanks to the PLC controlled tension system, winding is carried out without changing the fabric width.


General features

  • It provides long-lasting illumination thanks to industrial type LED lighting.
  • It stops automatically as the fabric runs out.
  • Fabric winding direction and tightness can be adjusted.
  • Thanks to sensor edge control, it creates a smooth fabric ball.
  • There is a meter measuring system.
  • There is a PLC controlled tension system.
  • It provides easy use thanks to the 7 inch touch panel (HMI). It allows features such as automatic stopping at the desired meter and operating time to be adjusted from the HMI.
  • Thanks to its platform, it can be integrated into the automatic packaging system.
  • As options, automatic fabric cutting, weighing system, barcode printer and computerized fabric control system can be integrated into our machines.


Other Features

  • Machine Name: DKS 102
  • Maximum Speed / Maxsimum Speed: 60 Meters/ Minute
  • Product Width: Maximum 180cm
  • Electricity Supply/ Electricity Requirement: 380 V AC 50-60 Hz
  • Power: 2.5 KW
  • Size (W*W*H) / Dimension (L*W*H): 3000/2600/2300 mm

DKS 102 Woven Fabric Control and Winding Machine

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