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During the production process in dyehouses, the fabric loses its natural moisture. Fabrics produced using cotton and other natural raw materials must be kept at a certain level of humidity in order to withstand tension. This machine provides recovery of the moisture value that decreases on the fabric during the production process. Thanks to the machine, lost moisture and weight loss are compensated and it also helps maintain the shrinkage of the fabric. It can work compatible with all brands of stenter, sanforizing and fabric packaging machines. It can be produced in desired sizes.


General features

  • It is compatible with all brands of Stenter, Sanforizing and Fabric control machines,
  • Stainless steel body
  • Non-clogging rotating bowl type nozzle,
  • Thanks to the bowl type nozzle, micron level water is distributed homogeneously on the fabric surface,
  • Water that does not reach the fabric surface is filtered and recycled, ensuring low water consumption.
  • Water level and water temperature are controlled automatically.
  • Thanks to the operator panel, the fabric moisture amount can be easily adjusted,
  • Optionally, fabric moisture can be checked instantly by attaching a moisture meter to the fabric inlet and outlet. Thanks to instant humidity control, the humidity of the fabric roll is automatically controlled and each part is ensured to have the same humidity.


Other Features

  • Machine Name: CN 101
  • Humidification Rate / Moisture Rate: 1% / 10%
  • Product Width: 130cm / 240cm
  • Electricity Supply/ Electricity Requirement: 380V AC 50-60 Hz
  • Power: 7 KW
  • Size (W*W*H) / Dimension (L*W*H): 575/2540/400mm

KN 101 Fabric Moistening Machine

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