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Stenter End Fabric Winding Machine


This machine is designed for the winding of three-thread fabrics, controlled by industrial lighting. The machine is manufactured to be easily transportable on wheels. Thanks to the Jbox made of stainless steel, the fabric coming out of the stenter machine is kept here, wrapped and shipped. A smooth winding is achieved by continuous edge control. Thanks to the PLC controlled tension system, winding is carried out without changing the fabric width.


General features


  • It provides long-lasting illumination thanks to industrial type LED lighting.
  • The machine automatically slows down when the fabric runs out and stops automatically when it runs out.
  • Fabric winding direction and tightness can be adjusted.
  • Thanks to sensor edge control, it creates a smooth fabric ball.
  • There is a meter measuring system.
  • There is a PLC controlled tension system.
  • It provides easy use thanks to the 7 inch touch panel (HMI). It allows features such as automatic stopping at the desired meter and operating time to be adjusted from the HMI.
  • As options, automatic fabric cutting, weighing system, barcode printer and computerized fabric control system can be integrated into our machines.


Machine Name: RMS 101

Maximum Speed / Maxsimum Speed: 60 Meters/ Minute

Product Width: Maximum 240cm

Electricity Supply/ Electricity Requirement: 380V AC 50-60 Hz

Power / Power: 2.5KW

Size (W*W*H) / Dimension (L*W*H): 2500/3140/2000 mm


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