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This machine is designed to produce gauze rolls of various diameters. The machine regularly produces uniform diameter bandage rolls and automatically cuts the rolls. Roll lengths can be easily adjusted via the PLC panel. If requested, the rolls can be transported to the horizontal packaging machine with the help of a conveyor and packaged automatically. It is possible to make special production in accordance with customer demands.


General features

  • Easy use with PLC control,
  • Servo motor controlled,
  • Possibility of producing 2 rolls of 5-10 cm width or a single roll of 10-20 cm width,
  • Roll winding possibility between 1.5 m - 25 m,
  • Easy to use and easy product replacement.

Other Features

  • Machine Name: SBR 101
  • Maximum Speed / Maxsimum Speed:5-10 cm 20 pieces / min / 10-20 cm 10 pieces / min
  • Product Width:up to 5-20 cm
  • Electricity Supply/ Electricity Requirement: 380V AC 50-60 Hz
  • Power: 2KW
  • Size (W*W*H) / Dimension (L*W*H):1550/2200/1580mm

SBR 101 Bandage Winding and Cutting Machine

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