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This machine is designed for automatic packaging of fabric rolls of different diameters and lengths. When the machine is in working position, the packaging process starts automatically when the fabric ball is placed on the rollers. Nylon wrapping is done according to the diameter size of the fabric roll. Nylon is cut with the automatic cutting knife and mouth gluing is done with the resistance jaw. The packaging process is completed by closing the mouth with hot air blowers.

General features

  • Economical, fast and proper packaging can be done by a single person, thus minimizing labor loss. 
  • The ball diameter is measured by the sensor and nylon wrapping is carried out according to the ball diameter, thus minimizing nylon consumption. 
  • It automatically ensures accurate and uniform packaging of fabric balls of different diameters.
  • It saves energy thanks to the hot air blowing fans that are active during the packaging process and can provide high heat in a short time. 
  • Since it has wheels and is easily portable, it can be put into operation without the need for installation. 
  • There is a Schneider brand PLC controlled electrical panel. 
  • It provides easy use with its Schneider brand 7-inch touchscreen PLC screen (HMI) and various language options. 
  • Optionally, weight weighing can be done by adding a loadcell system. If the company has production process control software, the machine can be integrated into it. In this way, the shipping process is facilitated by labeling by weight.


Other Features

  • Machine Name: PK 101
  • Maximum Speed / Maxsimum Speed:60 Packs/Hour
  • Product Width: Diameter 15 – 35 cm / Width 240 cm
  • Electricity Supply/ Electricity Requirement: 380V AC 50-60 Hz
  • Power:15KW
  • Size (W*W*H) / Dimension (L*W*H):1280/3800/1800mm

KP 101 Semi-Automatic Fabric Packaging Machine

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